Week 10: Possession, more numbers and learning from your first conversation

Welcome to Week 10 of the Kick Start Languages 10 Week Course! This blog accompanies my Week 10 YouTube video so if you haven't seen that yet check it out here:

So, this is it! The final week of the 10 Week Course! I can't believe how quickly time has flown by! It only seems like yesterday that I was releasing Week 1 and yet now here we are in the final week! However, whilst acknowledging how quickly time has gone, I hope you are now in a position where you can't believe how much progress you've made in the language you are learning! For me, I am absolutely delighted that having spoken no French whatsoever at the start of the course that I have been able to put my money where my mouth is and get to this level in French during Week 9 of my course:

I hope that you're at a similar level to this now! I know that a few people are which is absolutely amazing and I'm so, so delighted that you guys have found the course so useful! It's genuinely brilliant to know that I've helped you to complete this mission!

However, I'm also aware from speaking to various people that not everyone who is still following the course is quite yet at this level in the language you're learning which I am with French. If you're one of those people don't despair as there are a few possibilities as to why this might not be the case. Firstly, have you learnt everything I've asked you to learn? If not, no dramas as I know we're all busy people, but that would definitely explain it! Secondly, have you had your first proper conversation in the language you're learning? If not, again, that would explain it because I had that conversation with Rob in Week 7 and you can see the amount of progress I made between Weeks 7 and 9:

I'm assuming most people who haven't quite nailed it so far will fit into one of these two camps. However, if you have learnt all the words I've asked you to learn and had your first conversation but still don't feel as though you're quite at the level I'm at in French yet there are another couple of possibilities at play. As I've said many times, I am obsessed with getting you to think in the language you are learning and to start constructing sentences in your head. Having spoken to most of the people who are doing this course about doing this most people don't seem to be routinely doing that. Similarly, most people have said that they haven't spent the full 15 minutes a day on unconscious learning. These two things are so integral to the learning process that if you haven't been doing them then you're unlikely to be seeing the full potential effects of the course. However, this isn't a problem at all because it's never too late to start training yourself to routinely think in the language you're learning! Once you start doing that you'll see your progress in speaking go through the roof. If you don't believe me you need to try it! Consistently! Daily! Constantly! You will reap a massive reward and yet many people are ignoring this area of their learning. Don't be one of those people! You've got this!

Now, I'm assuming that most of you have had that all important first conversation in the language you're learning! If you have you're an absolute legend! If you haven't, you need to organise it. Now! I know I'm a stuck record on this point but this is not a theoretical course and if you aren't prepared to have that conversation now you are highly likely to never have it. Seize the day! If you're still nervous about this then re read this blog as a matter of urgency!

Back to those of you who have had that first conversation. Well played! That's a huge step you've just taken! Your next mission is to reflect on it and build on it! What went well? Make a list of all the things you were pleased about and be proud of them! This is an amazing achievement! Then create a list of 'Even Better Ifs' - what were the areas which could have been improved? Did you stumble on certain words? Were there particular verbs you didn't know? Again, write this all down and set about learning the bits that you need to relearn. If you struggled to speak 'fluently' that's totally natural but the 'thinking' practice I've suggested above will help you no end on that front. Once you've done this reflection get out there and have your second conversation! Then analyse that and build on that! Keep doing this and you'll be absolutely smashing it in no time!

Although most of your time this week will be dedicated to having and reflecting on your conversations there is still a little bit of conscious learning you need to do to put the final 'foundations' in place. To this end I want you to learn the numbers from 20-100 (and possibly more if you can find the time) and the words:

My / Mine


Her / Hers


Our / Ours

Your / Yours

Their / Theirs

As usual, you can find extra help for learning these words if you are learning SpanishFrenchItalian German or Dutch by clicking on these links.

That's it guys! That's the last list of words I'm ever going to tell you you need to know! Once you have these words under you belt and you've really learnt all the other words I've asked you to learn throughout the course you have all the basics you will need to nail a really decent conversation! It's just up to you to put that all into practice now!

Even in this final week don't forget to keep plugging away with the unconscious learning through YouTube videos like the Easy Languages series and through learning songs in the language you're learning and if you still haven't signed up for the Kindle Unlimited free 30 day trial here's the link: https://amzn.to/2W75awe (Remember it's £7.99 a month thereafter but you can cancel anytime and if you do so within the 30 days it is totally free)

I can't believe that this is the final blog post I'll be writing about this course! Thank you so, so much for completing this course. I'd love to hear how you've got on with it so please let me know in the comments on the YouTube video how you've got on with it or email me at jonny@kickstartlanguages.com

I really hope that you feel that this course has kick started your language learning journey and that you use it as a springboard to a lifetime of language learning! Remember, I've never said you're going to be perfect at this point! Embrace your imperfections and get out there into the world with your new found language skills!

Thanks again and keep in touch!


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