Welcome to the Spanish page on Kick Start Languages! Congratulations on choosing such a cool and useful language to learn! You're going to love it! This page is designed to help you with my free 10 week language learning course on YouTube so make sure you've checked that out to fully make sense of what's to come!

Don't forget there is no 'right or wrong' way to learn the things I'm asking you to learn during the 10 week course (scroll down this page to find specific videos to help you each week). These books and videos are only here as a guide - if you find better resources use them and tell me about them on my Facebook page or in the comments on my YouTube videos!

Also, don't listen to all the nonsense about how 'hard' Spanish is because Spanish people 'speak too quickly' - as soon as you get used to listening to lots of Spanish on a daily basis you'll be amazed how quickly you adjust to the Spanish speech rate. A quick hack to help you with this is to speed up YouTube videos to double speed - whilst this might seem mad by getting used to hearing Spanish people speak even quicker than they really do you'll be in a great position to understand them easily when you listen to them for real! Plus when people know you're learning a language they always slow down to help you! You've got this!

Good luck and enjoy these resources!

Books to help you learn Spanish: 

The Dummies Guide to Spanish : A great book which takes you through all the basics and gives you a CD with lots of dialogues to help you learn what Spanish sounds like.

Lacking Hacking Spanish: Benny Lewis' excellent conversational guide to Spanish.

Kindle Unlimited: There are loads of books on Spanish and written in Spanish here. You can get a free 30 day trial and then it's £7.99 a month thereafter if you choose to carry on your subscription.

Useful YouTube channels for Spanish:

Spanish with Paul: One of the best teachers on YouTube. This guy is immense!

Easy Spanish: A great channel for getting used to spoken Spanish.

Specific videos for the Course:

Week 1: Greetings and numbers and a bonus cognates video (if you want it):

Week 2: Numbers 11-20 and question words. 

I want you to search out your own way of learning the numbers 11-20 - either Google a list of them or search YouTube. This is important as I want you to start discovering your own favourite ways of learning rather than totally relying on me! Here's a video on the question words though (there are loads of others available if you search on YouTube if you don't like this style):

Week 3: The verbs 'to have' and 'to be':

This week you need to learn the verbs 'to have' and 'to be'. This is a lot more complex in Spanish than in any of the other western European languages I've studied as there are two forms of 'to be'. Don't worry if you haven't fully cracked this by the end of this week - just keep working on it every day. This video is one of the best I could find on YouTube for explaining the difference:

This video should help you to learn the verb 'to have':

Week 4: Learn these building block words!

If there is more than one translation for these terms you need to find out the differences - it is important that you do this for yourself. However, do not EVER worry too, too much about using the exact wrong word - it is far better to say something and get it wrong than to paralyse yourself going for the precisely correct term and end up saying nothing at all.

A/an = un, una

The = el, la, los, las

This = esta, este

That = ese

Those = esos, esas

These = estos, estas

Person = persona

People = gente

Place = lugar

Places = lugares

Thing = cosa

Things  = cosas

Week 5: 'To want', 'to like' and negation

To want:

To like: Simply say 'Me gusta...' then the thing you like.


Week 6: Time frames

Last: Pasado/Pasada

Next: Proximo / Proxima

Since: Desde

Year: ano

Month: Mes

Week: Semana

Day before yesterday: Antier

Yesterday: Ayer

Today: Hoy

Now: Ahora

Tomorrow: Manana

Week 7: Conjugating verbs

Week 8: Months and family members

Week 9: Size, location and direction and body parts

Week 10: Possession