Here are all the YouTube videos and blogs which form my 10 week course. This course aims to take you from being a complete beginner to the point where you can have a conversation in another language without referring back to English. All this content is also available on my YouTube channel where you'll find loads of other great language learning related content. I hope you enjoy the course!

Week 1 Video:

Week 1 Blog

Week 2 Video:

Week 2 Blog

Week 3 Video:

Week 3 Blog

Week 4 Video:

Week 4 Blog

Week 5 Video:

Week 5 Blog

Week 6 Video:

Week 6 Blog

Week 7 Video:

Week 7 Blog

Week 8 Video:

Week 8 Blog

Week 9 Video:

Week 9 Blog

Week 10 Video:

Week 10 Blog

Thanks for following the course! I really hope it's helped you to kick start your language learning journey! Good luck with all your future language learning and please make sure that you leave me lots of comments on YouTube so I know who has completed the course!