Hi! I’m Jonny and in just over two years I’ve taught myself to become fully conversational in German and pretty solid in Dutch and Spanish. I’ve also dabbled with a bit of Danish to the point where I can get by with a few basic phrases etc. I’m currently learning French from scratch and will be taking my GCSEs in French and Spanish this summer! Getting to these levels in these languages also means I can have a good go at Portuguese, Swedish and Norwegian as well as understanding a few bits and bobs in Italian.  This has all been whilst teaching full time at a Secondary School in West Sussex and whilst rarely devoting more than 25 minutes a day to focused language learning.

My mission with this website is to get you to realise that there is nothing special about me whatsoever and that anybody can get these sort of results (and massively surpass them if you’re focussing on just one or two languages) if you Kick Start your language learning in the ways described on this site. I passionately believe that the only thing great language learners have in common is a passion for languages and excellent and relentless habitual language learning behaviours. This site is therefore full of tips on how to develop these behaviours.

If you live in the Brighton area and are interested in weekly ‘personal training’ sessions where I sit down with you and a group of your friends who are also interested in language learning in a local cafe and look in detail at how best you can develop these habits given your current life situations and then touch base with you all to assess your progress get in touch at the email address below. I have a ten week course coming up in the first ten weeks of 2019 which we could structure these conversations around.

The fact is that however badly you’ve been doing in language learning up until now or however much you ‘hate’ languages, with a few tweaks to your beliefs and your language learning habits you too can reap the unbelievable benefits of being able to start properly conversing with people in a language other than English in just a few short weeks. If you are currently slogging away ‘trying’ to pass a GCSE, A Level or Degree course in a language this site is for you. After all, you guys ‘have’ to study a language to pass an exam so you might as well work out the most efficient way to do so! Similarly, if you are desperate to learn a new language for work, to help settle into a new country or to impress a potential or current partner but you have found yourself getting nowhere with your current approach there will be loads here to help you. Finally, you might just want to get on the language bandwagon as a personal response to Brexit or for the sheer joy of learning something new. Regardless, you are all welcome and there’s something here for everyone!

There are so, so many myths out there about language learning in the English speaking world that have held us all back for far too long. Whoever you are and why ever you want or need to learn a language let this website be the place where you Kick Start your journey, smash down the myths and realise language learning is actually really fun and ridiculously rewarding. This will allow you to finally unlock your true potential and become the language learning legend you are destined to be!

Please feel free to get in touch with me at if you have any questions about anything on this site or have any feedback or ideas that you think I should cover or blog about.