Welcome to Kick Start Languages: The site which shows you how to learn a language by yourself in just 10 weeks!

Did you know that if you practice a language for at least 25 minutes a day for at least five days a week you can learn a language to the point where you could have a conversation with a native speaker without relying on English in as little as 10 weeks? No? Then you're in the right place!

There are so many ridiculous myths out there about how difficult it is to learn a language. It really isn't difficult at all. With 25 minutes dedicated practice per day you'll be conversational in another language in 10 weeks provided that you know which skills to focus on each week to gradually build your knowledge and confidence. That is why my free 10 week YouTube course is specifically designed to tell you what key skills and vocab you need to be learning each week to ensure that you know exactly how to learn a language from scratch in the most efficient manner possible.

Most people fail to learn languages because they don't consistently put the work in day after day. The brutal fact is that there is no point going to a language class once a week and expecting to learn from a teacher. At best this will leave you learning at a terrible speed because you will spend most of the lesson trying desperately to remember what you learnt last week and at worst this ludicrously inefficient approach will actually leave you think you 'can't learn languages'. This just isn't true. What is true is that nobody can learn a language in an hour a week with no homework. Daily practice (at least 25 minutes a day for at least five days a week) is the absolute key when it comes to learning a language and provided that you practice daily and follow my course you'll be smashing it in no time.

The main issue people have with learning a language at home by themselves is that they don't know where to start. Put simply, they don't know how to learn a language. This is where this website comes in. It is packed full of advice, blogs and links which will help you learn how to learn a language by yourself. As I've said, my free 10 week course on YouTube will teach you how to learn a language by telling you which skills to focus on each week meaning that you gradually build the skills you need to speak a language with confidence by the end of the course. There will also be a blog on this site accompanying the YouTube course each week with a few extra hints and tips. It is then over to you to actually learn the content you'll need to smash it in the language you're learning although there are plenty of tips available on this site and my YouTube channel to guide you through this journey.

Learning a language on your own will involve making language learning an integral part of your daily life which is why I've said it is 'simple' but not 'easy'. It is simple because if you spend 25 minutes a day learning a language in a structured manner for 10 weeks you will learn a language. Fact. However, it is not easy because most people don't understand enough about habit formation to change their behaviour and genuinely commit to a new 25 minute a day daily habit. This is why there is an entire section of the site dedicated to habit formation. This is the tough bit. Once you've nailed the habit you cannot help but nail the language! It's that simple!

So, once you know which language you want to learn make sure that you subscribe to my YouTube channel and start my free 10 week course!

Finally, if you live in the Brighton area and would be interested in weekly 'personal training' language learning sessions where I meet a group of you to discuss your progress with my course on a weekly basis get in touch with me at jonny@kickstartlanguages.com. This extra layer of accountability is an excellent way of ensuring you really dedicate yourself to this project!

Whoever you are, and why ever you're here I hope you enjoy your time on this site and that it inspires you to Kick Start your language learning journey!

Jonny Lawson